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SWI Energy & Water Efficiency Decision Support ToolsThis website provides decision support tools such as information, models and calculators to allow SWI members to make more informed decisions relating to energy efficiency and savings, alternative strategies for future energy supply, evaluating the potential fuel value of biomass either available or consumed on site and developing energy management plans.

Energy, wood waste and greenhouse gas emissions are important issues for the solid wood industry due to rising energy costs, costs of disposal of wood waste and a carbon tax. The development of the Energy Efficiency decision support system tools covers issues that relate to energy and residue use in Australia and New Zealand.

This web portal will be continually updated and it is hoped that you, the SWI members, will provide feedback, input and suggestions for more tools and information. The success will depend on making this website interactive.  Access to this information is restricted to SWI so is focused on your needs.

Use the menus and links to access tools developed especially for SWI, those available from third parties and also to just broaden your general knowledge of efficient use of energy and water.

Information covered includes:

Tools & Calculators - Examples/Tutorials - Case Studies - Training
Guides/Checklists/Templates – Standards – Funding

Finding your way around the site 

This website has been developed to give extensive amounts of information and it has been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to find the information you need.

  • Dropdown menus

Clicking the cursor on any topic on the main menu bar across the top of the picture will take you to the home page for that topic. Resting the cursor will bring up a dropdown menu of sub-topics – slide the arrow down and click on the topic you want.

To assist in navigating around the site use one of these facilities in addition to the dropdown menus for each topic.

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Each page has a menu on the left hand side listing the main topics on the page. Clicking on a heading will take you directly to that subjet.

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To help in the navigation of this web portal, there is a site map outlining the different pages available to you. There is a link to this on each page.

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On each page there is the ability to search the site for keywords. Use this facility to find more information on specific terms within the SWI Energy & Water Efficiency Decision Support Tools web portal.  Your browser will have a 'Find on this page' function to allow you to find the terms within a page.

The bottom line is that this site has been developed to help you save money, explore options for better using energy to produce more profitable products, manage your carbon emissions and footprint, manage future energy options to provide more secure supplies and pricing and to increase quality and output of your products.

  • Feedback

If you have any comments on this site or any suggestions for improving it please let SWI know. Use the ‘Contact us’ link to let us have your thoughts.

This portal has been developed for SWI by a team led by East Harbour Energy Ltd. East Harbour is a consulting business with a strong commercial, economic and technical capability. Their primary focus is on energy and soundly based commercial outcomes.  They are happy to provide strategic and commercial advice and support to SWI members. East Harbour has a particular interest in increasing the knowledge and use of bioenergy.  





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